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    • Theraplay is always seeking energetic and passionate Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapists to work in our sensory gym setting. While we aim to find therapists with strong clinical skills we find it very important that all of our therapists fit with our company culture. Please read through the job description and if you feel that you would be an excellent addition to our team, submit your resume using this form!

      A Theraplay therapist is first and foremost a team player. Everyone has something to contribute to the work done at Theraplay and is valued for their strengths and supported in their challenges. Whether you are a new graduate or seasoned in the field, your ideas, thoughts, and skills all matter.

      A Theraplay therapist is willing to try new things and sometimes have it not work. When this happens they are able to reflect and correct both in the moment and for the next time.

      A Theraplay therapist is comfortable with singing, dancing, making up games, and being silly both in front of the children and their colleagues. 

      A Theraplay therapist takes pride in their work and in themselves. They believe that what they are doing is making a major impact and that they are the one awesome enough to be making that impact.

      A Theraplay therapist is comfortable sharing their observations, concerns, and plan with parents. The work we do in the gym is only worth it if carryover is being done at home.

      A Theraplay therapist works in close proximity to their colleagues. They are open minded to different treatment strategies and approaches. They are aware of different learning and communication styles. They are able to give and receive constructive feedback. They always ask questions when they have them.

      A Theraplay therapist is kind, has compassion, and shows great empathy for the children and families that they are working with. There is never a problem too big or too small. 

      A Theraplay therapist loves what they do and wants to make a difference.

      Serious inquiries only should submit their resume! A formal interview, clinic observation, and writing sample will be required for all potential new hires.

      Additional questions can be directed to Kim Mitchell,