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Our Classes

Winter Groups
  • Summer 2019 Groups

  • Lunch with Lauren in Long Island City!

    A Feeding & Sensory Skills Group 

    Is Your Child a Picky Eater?


    • Improve acceptance of new or undesired foods
    • Improve oral motor feeding skills
    • Develop age appropriate feeding skills needed for adequate growth and nutrition. 

    Mealtime should be fun!
    By creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere and interacting with children of similar ages, we will reduce anxieties your child may have with trying new or undesired foods, increase opportunities for food exploration, and working toward expanding their diet!

    Parents will learn techniques to increase their child’s food repertoire and bring joy back into mealtime!

  • Sensory Community:

    A Parent & Caregiver Workshop Series

    For Parents and Caregivers of “sensory kids” this 4 session interactive workshop series will offer practical tips, solutions, and discussion around the sensory system and how it impacts your child. Topics will include:

    • Understanding the Sensory System
    • The Differences between Tantrums and Meltdowns
    • Dealing with Challenges during Bedtime, Mealtime, and Grooming

    Parents will have the opportunity to connect with other parents and fill their “toolbox” with new ways to support their children at home!

    4 consecutive Tuesday evenings beginning in July.

    Lead by Rachel Heidling, Occupational Therapist

    • Ages
      3 and Up
    • Lead By
      Speech Language Pathologist
    • Cost
      $540 for 6 weeks
    • Time
      Wednesday 12:15-1:00
    • Ages
      Parents & Caregivers
    • Lead By
      Occupational Therapist
    • Cost
      $350 for 1 parent, $500 for 2 parents
    • Time
      Tuesdays 7pm-8pm
  • Sensory & Social Skills Group: Upper East Side

    Through the use of turn taking games and sensory activities, children will build age appropriate play and social skills. Focus will be placed on teamwork and sharing while working on skills to improve sensory integration, coordination, and fine motor skills. This group will teach children to advocate for themselves, ask for help, problem solve, take turns, follow routines, and engage in all forms of play!


    • Ages
      4 and Up
    • Lead By
      Occupational Therapist
    • Cost
      $540 for 6 weeks
    • Time
      Wednesday 5:00-5:45
  • LIMITED SPACE In July and August 2019!

    My Playful Mind – Summer Camp Program for 3 & 4 year olds

    Enrollment information available March 15.


  • Space Still Available!

    My Playful Mind – Preschool Alternative Program for 3 year olds

    Click HERE for more information!