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Now Offering Classroom Consultations

Let Theraplay Help Your Child Succeed In School!

Theraplay is now offering CLASSROOM CONSULTATIONS.

Your child’s classroom teacher plays a huge role in your child’s academic success. I have many friends and family members that are teachers. I am always amazed at the amount of dedication and love that they pour into their students. As a physical therapist working with children I rely heavily on feedback from classroom teachers on how a child is handling their school day. I have also found that teachers are some of the best students. They want the children in their classrooms to succeed. Most are open to new and creative strategies to help children become more ready and able to learn.

With this in mind, Theraplay is opening up our services to include In School Consultations. These consultations will provide a comprehensive view into your child’s strengths and difficulties in the classroom.

First, one of our skilled Occupational, Speech, or Physical Therapists will visit your child’s classroom and observe them. Additionally, they will communicate and collaborate with teachers. Discussion may include challenges your child is having. As a result of their observation and communication with the teacher, they will offer easy to apply suggestions and tips to help your child throughout the school day.

These consultations may prove especially relevant for children who are having difficulties:
Sitting Still
Paying Attention
Following classroom rules and directions
Engaging with peers
Managing frustrations

Just as therapists cannot be expected to be teachers, we cannot expect teachers to be therapists. Therefore, by opening the lines of communication between therapists and teachers we can bridge the gap between therapeutic intervention and every day life.

Call or email our office today to find out more information on how Theraplay can truly assist your child in reaching their full potential!

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