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If You Don't Use It You Lose It

April 18, 2018

The Importance of Summer Therapy Services

Summer therapy services are crucial to continue a child’s progress that they have worked so hard for throughout the school year.

Research shows that children who don’t participate in summer learning activities can return to school on the first day with one month worth of learning lost. What’s even more striking is that it can take children up to two months to get their brains back on track for learning.

Although these studies are speaking to academic skills such as math and reading, I believe that we can carry over the basic concept of these studies to a child’s Gross Motor, Fine motor, Speech language, and Sensory Processing Skills.

What Happens When Children Take a Break from Therapy Services?

  1. Their skills regress
  2. Progress that had been steady, slows, or stops

It can take a full month for a child to readjust to the therapeutic environment and the structure of their therapy sessions. I often feel that September can be a challenge in terms of progress. It isn’t until October that we can really start to work again.

Adult Example!

Think about it this way. As an adult, you have consistently been going to a workout class. You know what to expect. You can now lift heavier weights, hold a plank for increased time, and do 20 straight leg pushups without blinking an eye.

Take 2 months off. Don’t do anything else. What do you think will happen when you return?
You may forget the flow of the class and more than likely you aren’t busting out all those push ups on the first day back. Your skills have regressed and you know that it will take consistency to build them back up again.

Sign Up for Summer Therapy Services

Theraplay offers a number of services over our 6 week summer program in July and August. Click links below for more information:
1. Individual therapy sessions
2. Summer camp program
3. Social skills, handwriting, sensory skills groups

If you aren’t in the city for the summer we highly recommend scheduling a team meeting with your child’s therapists so they can provide you with a plan for home exercises and therapeutic activities.