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Getting Started

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    Full Service Pediatric Sensory Gym

    Theraplay was developed on the foundation that there is no cookie cutter approach to therapy services. All children see and experience the world in different ways and should be treated as individuals.

    For this reason we take the time to thoroughly assess each child and develop a treatment plan specific to his or her strengths and challenges. After a brief phone consultation, children will receive an assessment by a member of our expert evaluation team in the identified area of concern. Concerns may be related to gross motor development, fine motor development, sensory processing, speech sound development, receptive/expressive language, and pragmatic language.

    Upon completion of the initial assessment, the evaluating therapist will provide an oral and written recommendation regarding the child’s therapy services. The therapist will work with the parents to solidify a formal plan for their child’s care. If an additional evaluation is recommended, this will be discussed. Sessions are scheduled based on therapist recommendation and parents are provided with “at home” tips and activities to aid in their child’s development.

    Theraplay can also perform complete developmental evaluations which include standardized testing, clinical observation, parent/caregiver/teacher interview, and a comprehensive written report.

    Please call our office for more details on starting your child at Theraplay