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10 Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Moving!

February 24, 2020

We’ve all been there…one of those days that there are no after school activities planned, and the weather is too bad to get to the playground. Everyone is going stir crazy…what’s a parent to do?!?!

Here are TEN activities you can do at home to keep your kids MOVING and DEVELOPING their skills.

1. Create an obstacle course in your house: use couch cushions, pillows, step stools, or chairs for your kids to navigate over, under, around. Incorporate jumping, hopping, rolling, crawling, walking and balancing. 

2. Make an animal walk – relay race: frog jumps, bunny hop, bear walk, crab walk through the living room down a hallway and back. 

3. Play I-Spy, Simon Says, or create a Scavenger Hunt. Have your kids explore and think about what they hear and see. 

4. Play catch, volleyball/tennis or another sport with a balloon. You can create rackets with paper plates and wooden spoons. 

5. Have a dance party or create your own ‘parent and me’ yoga together. 

6. Have story time or a puppet show! Create your very own story, allow everyone’s imagination to flow

7. Get messy with some finger paint or shaving cream: drawing pictures, shapes, or letters. 

8. Play a board game or sing some karaoke, playing and singing along to each of your favorite songs. 

9. Bake cookies or cupcakes together. Working on following directions and understanding the baking process. 

10. Create a craft, use mixed media or extras from around the house: use dry pasta, markers, paint, tissue paper, construction paper, beans, fabric scraps, and cotton balls. 

By: Rosa Goglas, DPT

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