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Address: 353 East 78th street New York, NY 10075
Theraplay Long Island City | 718-433-4434
Address: 11-11 44th Road Suite 402 Long Island City, NY

Our Services

  • Summer Camp 2018

    Join us for our 6 week SUMMER CAMP program for children of all abilities.

    Lead by Theraplay’s expert therapists, activities will:
    Help to develop age appropriate skills
    Encourage social interaction
    be provided in a FUN and SUPPORTIVE environment! 


    6 Week Program: July 9 – August 17 .    Time: 9am-12pm

    Cost: $500 per week .    $20 early drop off available between 8am-9am 

    Ages: 3-5

  • Full Service Pediatric Sensory Gym

  • Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapists are trained to help children succeed in activities of daily living in the home, school, and community. They are also trained to help children organize and interpret sensory information from the environment in an appropriate manner. We have occupational therapists trained in Therapeutic Listening! To learn more about this service, visit this website:

    • Sensory integration
    • Upper body strength and hand function
    • Fine motor skills, handwriting
    • Visual/spatial processing
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Attention organization
    • Play/social skills
    • Body awareness
  • Physical Therapy

    Physical therapists are trained to help children succeed in functional mobility by addressing gross motor development.

    Physical therapy addresses the following areas:


    • Gross motor skills
    • Strength and endurance
    • Balance and coordination
    • Motor planning and control
    • Body awareness
    • Flexibility
    • Gait/mobility training


  • Speech Language Pathology

    Speech-language therapists are trained to help children effectively communicate their wants and needs to those around them. They are also trained to help with feeding and swallowing issues. Our therapists are PROMPT trained!

    Speech-language therapy addresses the following areas:


    • Receptive and expressive language
    • Comprehension, voice, fluency
    • Socialization and pragmatics
    • Oral motor skills
    • Feeding and swallowing
    • Augmentative and alternative communication


  • Counseling/Play Therapy

    Licensed clinical social workers or licensed psychologists will work with your children via play therapy and talk therapy strengthen the following areas:

    • Social Skills and Interactions
    • Self Esteem
    • Coping skills, Anxiety, Frustration Tolerance
    • Play Skills
    • Feelings Identification / Expression of Emotions
    • Impulsivity
    • Attention Span / Task Concentration and Completion
    • Oppositional and Defiant Behavior
    • Self Regulation – Emotional and Behavioral
    • Grief Expression
    • Adherence to Limits
    • Adjustment to Transitions
  • In School Consultations

    We understand that most children perform differently in a one-on-one therapy session than they do in a classroom setting.  Theraplay can help bridge the gap between skill achievement during therapy sessions and school success.  Therapists will visit your child’s school, observe classroom behaviors, collaborate and communicate with teachers, and suggest easy to apply solutions.

    These consultations are helpful for children with difficulty:

    Engaging with Classmates
    Sitting Still in the Classroom
    Becoming Easily Frustrated
    Following Classroom Directions
    Attending to Teacher Directed Activities
  • Open Sensory Gym

    (Long Island City Location Only)

    Theraplay offers Open Sensory Gym for children of all abilities to play and learn in our safe, clean, family-friendly environment during daily designated hours. Our special open play allows your child to navigate, explore, and discover new sensory-motor experiences, gaining vital motor planning skills and improving physical and social development through gross motor & fine motor collaborative, social-imaginative play. Up to 10 children, ages birth through 5 years, are welcome to get their “just-right” play experience and discover how Theraplay is where fun furthers function! 

    Open Play hours are:

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

    10:00-12:00 12:00-2:00


    $15 cash or check

  • Tactile

    Sensory receptors for touch are found in our skin. They tell the child where their body ends and the rest of the world begins. Open Sensory Play at Theraplay has a wealth of tactile experiences for children to explore including a home-made tactile table with buckets full of varied textures to explore.

  • Proprioception

    Proprioceptor receptors are found in muscles, tendons and joints. When a child moves, these receptors tell their brain about body position and how much force is needed for an activity. Open Sensory Play at Theraplay has a wide variety of experiences that allow children to use their muscles in different combinations including climbing our rock climbing wall, swimming through our ball pit and swinging from our zip lines.

  • Vestibular

    Vestibular receptors are in the inner ear and tell the child how their body moves through space and against gravity. This input is important for developing proper balance, posture and protecting the body against gravity. Open Sensory Play at Theraplay provides opportunities for children to move through space, allowing them to experience gravity in a variety of positions and speeds including swinging and spinning on our varied suspended equipment and sliding down our bumpy slide.

  • Visual

    We depend on sight the most. Colors, visual patterns and natural light reflection at Theraplay provide a variety of visual experiences for children of all abilities. We also have a visually engaging laser kaleidoscope that reflects tiny stars in varying patterns on the ceiling within our 2-story castle play structure to help stimulate a child’s level of alertness and ability to focus.

  • Taste and Smell

    While taste doesn’t play a big role in Theraplay’s design, use of natural elements–proximity to plants and flowers, for example–will stimulate the sense of smell, making play a more enjoyable and engaging experience for all.

  • Auditory

    Auditory receptors are in the ear. Children often hear a broad range of sounds that can enhance or hinder their play experiences. The design of Open Sensory Play at Theraplay provides for a variety of sound opportunities for children. Theraplay also offers The Listening Program®.

    For more information on The Listening Program® please use the following link: